Fear shouldn't trample on your dreams while joy remains silent!

At JoyTalks, we believe the world desperately needs to hear your voice overflowing with passion, purpose and delight.

Don't let fear walk another day - let your joy start talking.

Are you tired of fear walking all over your dreams while joy stays silent?

At JoyTalks, we believe the world desperately needs to hear your voice overflowing with passion, purpose and delight.

Don't let fear walk another day - let your joy start talking.

Hey lady...

I’m Deronda!

As the Joy Ambassador, I help women of all ages have more joy by empowering them to get past the “Fear” of public speaking, speaking up in the boardroom, or in the community; and find the compelling message that is already in their hearts.

By turning that feeling of “fear” into positive energy, it is rather like being plugged into an electric socket, which will make your speech come out so powerfully!

Whether navigating the corporate landscape, excelling in sales, or building your own business, powerful communication can extend beyond personal realms, influencing your professional career or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Connect with me, and I will get you “plugged” in!

Work With Me

From private coaching to comprehensive training programs, I offer a range of services designed to help you find your true voice, overcome fears, and become an influential, impactful communicator. Invest in yourself and get ready to experience profound personal growth and professional empowerment.

VIP Day:

Private Coaching

Need a quick boost of clarity and confidence? Perfect for upcoming podcast interviews, presentations, quick turn around with personalized coaching!

JoyTalks Circle:

4-Week Exploration

Gain clarity, develop key skills, and lay the foundation for continued growth as a confident voice in your field. Perfect for entrepreneurs who crave more clarity around their message.

JoyTalks Circle:

12-Week Experience

Whether you want to captivate audiences, uplift communities or scale your business through powerful messaging, you'll develop the tools to articulate your ideas fearlessly. Perfect for those who really want to deep dive into their fears and truly transform!

Are you a professional woman ready to elevate your speaking skills and make your voice heard in any professional setting?

Discover the program that will

empower you

to unlock your full potential and make a lasting impact with your voice!

Through comprehensive training, you'll develop exceptional communication abilities, enabling you to convey your thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence in any professional setting.

You will be well-equipped to attain your career aspirations while establishing a lasting, influential presence within your field.

There’s Power in the Circle

When you join a JoyTalks Circle you also join a community of women who support each other.

Embrace Authenticity

Dive into "The heart of your mind" to uncover your true message, one that resonates and inspires.

Ignite Passion

Harness the electric energy within, turning fear into a fire that lights up your speech.

Build Community

Join Circles filled with like-minded women, fostering connections and shared growth.

Invest in Leadership

Whether a corporate professional or entrepreneur, take the lead in your life through empowered communication.

Share Your Joy

Become part of a global movement that's making the world a better place, one authentic voice at a time.

Join our vibrant community of empowered women!

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